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Portage, MI 49024                        Fax: 269-327-5999

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Thank you for the opportunity to allow WMH Fluidpower quote your fluidpower requirements. Please fill the form out complete as possible and indicate the method of contact. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a quotation.

Our Team

 Contact  Position Email 
 Dave Gruss  President
 Bill Emery  Operations Manager
 Shelly Heuser   Accounting Supervisor
 Bill Bates   Hydraulic Systems Engineer
 Jim Jurczak   Systems Fabrication Manager
 Jennifer Lambers   Engineering Support
 Bill Elhart  Account Manager
 Pete Asaro   Account Manager
 Ray Fuller   Account Manager
 Brian Benzenberg   Technical Sales Coordinator
 Al Loux   Sales Coordinator/Purchasing
 Kathy Martin   Sales Coordinator
 Nick Turner   Sales Coordinator

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